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Writing Services
Writing Services

Do you need to make an announcement? Do you have an exclusive product or service you’re looking to brand? Are you wanting to share your past, present or future activities about your business or organization? Perhaps you want to start a blog. Let us create a professional, concise press release or newsletter that will captivate your audience and peak their curiosity. Our innovative, articulate marketing strategies combined with your company’s unique personality equals an opportunity to establish ownership & protection of a product, service or cause that will set you apart from others.


Website Development and Maintenance
Website Development and Maintenance

“Do you have a website”? Attend any networking event. Conduct small talk while sitting at the doctor’s office or standing in line at a department store. If you mention that you operate a business or an organization, it is almost guaranteed that someone will ask you this question. In today’s society, people rely heavily on the Internet to search for their personal and professional needs. Using ingenuity, creativity and professionalism, your website will be custom tailored, turning your ideas into carefully crafted visions for the world to see. From the very basic designs to the very abstract, we provide your business/organization with the presence it deserves. Low monthly maintenance fees allow us to make maximum updates at minimal cost to you. Integration of social networking features, donation capabilities and other additions are available upon request.


About Us

Our mission is to help transform dreams and ideas into successes while generating a social consciousness for holistic change.

People: We have a sincere passion to market products, services and events with a clear vision to meet and exceed client goals. We believe in acquisition and retention of individuals, businesses and organizations by offering a full range of professional writing and web development services designed to fit any size and budget.


Purpose: We are a company with a cause. As an entrepreneur and domestic violence survivor, our CEO’s diverse background, activities and intense study have strengthened her marketing & social media networking skills while generating a wealth of contacts and resources. In addition to the company’s personal passion, we have been afforded the opportunity to sponsor and/or partner with other organizations and businesses to assist with presenting their personal passions to the community.

Productivity: We want to see you to see results. We strive to connect you with the products and services that will keep your business or organization moving in the right direction. If there is a specific service that we do not provide, it is very likely that we’re connected with someone who does. Let us assess your needs and implement a plan of action to get the thriving results you want and need for success and longevity.


Who we are

JP Connections was founded by CEO Joyce Parkinson, a visionary with a unique gift of connecting resources to achieve professional and personal goals. A graduate of Arkansas State University and a Nationally Credentialed Domestic Violence Advocate, she began honing her public relations skills through professional career development and civic involvement. Her background includes more than 20 years of combined experience in social work, PR/Media, writing, public speaking, facilitating, event planning, marketing and networking.

Senior consultant, Jason Kyles, is an exceptional talent. With over 15 years of experience in various aspects of technology and project management, along with his extensive traveling across the United States, he has an eye for detail and an ear for proactively listening to the needs of our clients and developing effective strategies that yield professional and positive results.



We are committed to helping our clients make the right business connections.

- Joyce Parkinson


Logos Website Development Writing Services
Starting at $50 Starting at $350 Press Releases – $47
Website content writing starting at $27 Newsletters – Starting at $37
Ghostwriting services – Starting at $37
Operational Manuals – Starting at $97
Some additional a la carte services available upon request.


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